Show Commander is purchased on a subscription basis. A Setup Fee, good for one poultry show is charged when you sign up for Show Commander. In addition, a Per Entry Fee is assessed. This is based on the number of birds entered, and is billed upon completion of the show.

Current Fee Schedule (as of 9/1/2019)

The Setup Fee, due at purchase, is $125.

The Per Entry Fee, due upon show completion, is $0.15 per bird.

For example, licensing Show Commander for a 1,200 bird show would cost $125 + (1200 x $0.15), or $305.

Show Setup

Upon receipt of your prepayment we setup your unique show parameters for you. You are issued a password, then you are in charge. You may assign other volunteers to help input, issue them sign in IDs, and process you entries.

Of course, we are always here to help. We will walk you through your initial entries, help you with your reports, or check your entries for proper format. Your fees include all the help you need for you to be successful.

Show Secretary Services

For those shows that would like to outsource the entry processing and coop card creation process, the Show Commander team can help. We handle all data input, verification, phone calls, coop card creation, printing the exhibitor list and other reports. The material is expressed to your door, ready for you to setup cages and hold your show.

Let us do the tedious work. We offer competitive pricing and complete service. Pricing depends on the show, but is generally between $0.25 and $0.50 per bird entered, plus shipping. Please contact us to discuss.