Show Commander was designed, developed and is sold by Tone Software Solutions, LLC (TSS), a boutique software firm located in beautiful Stoughton, Wisconsin. The firm's singular purpose is to develop software to support poultry and pigeon club shows throughout the United States.

Tone Software Solutions is owned and operated by Steve Tone. Mr. Tone has over 25 years in the commercial software field, and has managed large teams and complex software development projects across the country. He retired from the corporate world of technology in 2000. Since then he has successfully started and ran 3 independent companies:

Although TSS is primarily a one-person firm, Mr. Tone regularly enlists others to help design, test, and stylize several portions of the product.

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Tone Software Solutions, LLC
105 West Wilson Street
Stoughton, WI 53589-1444
Development History
January 2013
Panic spreads as the founder accidentally volunteers to take over as one of the Show Secretaries for the largest poultry show in Wisconsin, the Wisconsin International.
February 2013
It becomes obvious that the vintage "type and merge" system is incompatible with his 21st century PC system. Failing in an attempt to convert it, a light bulb goes off in his head.
March 2013
Drawing upon his 20 years of technology experience, a plan was created to build a new web-based registration system from scratch.
July 2013
After months of coding, a preliminary version of what was then known as "Poultry Show Reg" was operational. It was designed to be functional on a local network, so that his daughters could help when crunch-time came.
September 2013
Installed on a shared network, 3 volunteers started processing entries using the beta "Poultry Show Reg" software. Over 2,100 birds were entered, with only one cooping error due to an incorrect classification (corrected in subsequent versions). Exhibitors rave about receiving a receipt for their entry.
October 2013
Recapping the performance of the beta version, it became apparent that enhancements are needed to allow more complete browsing, auditing and reporting, as well as allowing different types of volunteers to have differing privileges on the system.
December 2013
After investigating various Internet-based collaborative frameworks, a technical architecture was chosen and a complete rewrite of the system was started. Implementation deadline for version 2.0 was set for July 2014.
May 2014
Exhaustive testing of the newly renamed "Show Commander" was begun. Dozens of new features were included in the rewrite, enabling Internet-based collaborative processing of show entries, strong auditing of entries, quick follow-ups and extensive reporting.
June 2014
Based on the past success in quickly entering data, the deadline for entries was advanced one full week.
September 2014
Nearly 2,000 entries processed in record time. The combined efforts of effective audit reports and exhibitor review of receipts lead to zero showroom errors.
November 2014
Decision is made to make Show Commander available to other poultry clubs through a subscription plan. Research into unique requirements of other poultry shows leads to a very large enhancement list.
January 2015
Deadline is set for a demonstration environment to be released by April 1, 2015. This is to be a self lead, allowing potential purchasers to use their own real data in vetting the system.
February 2015
Demo environment is released for alpha testing.
March 2015
Demo environment is released.
August 2015
Work on next release is begun.
August 2016
Major enhancements to allow tracking results at the per-bird level is implemented. Headed to beta testing at the Wisconsin International in September.
September 2016
Newly released software performed flawlessly, handling the entry, tracking, placing, and reporting of over 2,000 exhibits.
February 2017
The largest poultry show in Wisconsin selects Tone Software Solution's Show Commander as its show management software for 2017.
April 2017
A second prominent poultry club selects Show Commander to manage their show.
September 2017
The largest poultry show in Wisconsin again selects Show Commander to help manage their show.
November 2017
The largest pigeon show in Wisconsin chooses Show Commander to process entries, create judging sheets, and organize showroom activities.
June 2018
Repeat customers heap praise on how the software makde a tough job manageable.
July 2018
The second largest pigeon show in the country chooses Show Commander to help manage their show this winter.
September 2018
Over 13,000 Poultry and Pigeon entries now processed by Show Commander.